The One We Fell in Love With, by Paige Toon

The One We Fell in Love With tells the story of three very different identical triplets who all fall in love with Angus, the boy next door. Ten years later, Phoebe and Angus are engaged, Rose is in London with a still-married boyfriend, and Eliza is living at home, struggling to achieve her dream of becoming a musician whilst coping with unrequited love. As the novel progresses, it is punctuated by memories from the past, following each girl through adventures and emotional turmoil.


After reading the blurb, I expected this novel to be a light-hearted story about three girls vying for one man’s affection. However, Toon has created a book that goes so far beyond a typical ‘love-triangle’ tale.

There is a great amount of depth in the emotions and relationships portrayed. It is a beautiful story exploring true love, loyalty, and the bonds of family. I completely fell in love with the characters whose feelings and narratives felt truly genuine. The only criticism I have is that, at times, the dialogue/thoughts did not feel entirely authentic. The word selection seemed slightly too formal for the characters, making it inconsistent with the rest of the dialogue – However! This was extremely rare and is the smallest scratch on an incredible heart-warming novel.

This is the first book in a long time that has made me say ‘Whoa!’ out loud because of a plot twist. The shock has a lot to do with the structuring of the book. The narrative switches between the three girls and also jumps through time. Though the time hopping had me briefly confused, the ambiguity surrounding what is the past or present made the huge twist a complete surprise. Hats off to Toon because this structuring was absolutely brilliant.

Toon really does take you on an emotional roller coaster with this book. She made me both laugh and cry in equal measure. She ensures that readers will become so invested in the characters that their hearts will truly ache for them. However, although there are some very heavy themes explore in the book, I felt uplifted with a sense of hope when I closed the back cover.

I have not had the pleasure of coming across Paige Toon’s novels before, but The One We Fell in Love With has ensured that I will be excitedly waiting for a new release.


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