Resistance is Futile, by Jenny T. Colgan

Resistance is Futile is told from the perspective of Connie, an extremely intelligent mathematician. She is offered a research fellowship at a university, but the position is not what she expected. She finds out she will be working as part of a team tasked with deciphering a series of numbers, an operation classified 'Top Secret'. The team… Continue reading Resistance is Futile, by Jenny T. Colgan


You, by Caroline Kepnes

You is a fascinatingly sinister novel following the obsessive Joe Goldberg. From the instant the quirky, aspiring writer Guinevere Beck enters the bookstore where Joe works, he is determined to make her 'his' - at any cost. I absolutely loved this book. I had heard great reviews about You so I was already intrigued before picking up a copy, but Kepnes… Continue reading You, by Caroline Kepnes

The One We Fell in Love With, by Paige Toon

The One We Fell in Love With tells the story of three very different identical triplets who all fall in love with Angus, the boy next door. Ten years later, Phoebe and Angus are engaged, Rose is in London with a still-married boyfriend, and Eliza is living at home, struggling to achieve her dream of becoming a musician whilst coping with unrequited… Continue reading The One We Fell in Love With, by Paige Toon

The Bookstagram Community

Hands down my favorite social media platform is Instagram. It inspires some amazing photography and is the perfect space to display your creativity. I am a massive book-lover (which probably goes without saying). I lust over antique books and love to see stunning modern cover art. So, imagine my excitement when a friend mentioned 'Bookstagram', a community of hundreds… Continue reading The Bookstagram Community

Pocket Penguins: A Physical Book Review

I am a huge fan of Penguin Classics. Aside from the imprint's incredible content, its physical products are gorgeous! I am thrilled to have just received my first Pocket Penguin: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The first thing I noticed about the book was its small, A-format size. This makes it easy to hold and it is also fairly light. The London-commuter in me instantly recognized… Continue reading Pocket Penguins: A Physical Book Review

Small Great Things, by Jodi Picoult

Ruth has been a labour and delivery nurse at Mercy-West Haven hospital for over twenty years. However, when she is assigned to examine Turk Bauer's newborn son, the only thing that matters is the colour of her skin. Turk, a White Supremacist, demands that the hospital bar anyone Black from touching his son, Davis. But,… Continue reading Small Great Things, by Jodi Picoult